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What is NotesTracker?
NotesTracker enables complete usage tracking of your IBM Lotus Notes database for compliance and effectiveness monitoring requirements. It works across databases located on your Domino servers (for both Notes Client and Web users) as well as databases accessed locally on your Lotus Notes client (disconnected / offline mode).

NotesTracker records usage tracking data in an easily-understood fashion, for any platform that supports IBM Lotus Notes and Domino -- Windows. Macintosh, UNIX/Linux, i5/OS (OS/400), z/OS.

NotesTracker is a developer toolkit (SDK) designed for easy adapting into your applications to meet your specific usage tracking and monitoring needs. NotesTracker operates in a completely standard Lotus Notes/Domino environment, there's no need to install plug-ins or learn special new skills.

The focus of NotesTracker is to profile the application usage of your IBM Lotus Notes databases, in a unique and consistent way across both Notes and Web environments, providing a common reporting mechanism via up-to-the-minute Lotus Notes views.

What can you do with NotesTracker?
NotesTracker can be used in all sorts of ways and provides all sorts of benefits such as:

Generate comprehensive document history trails
Creates, Reads, Updates, and Deletes of individual documents, as well as document pastes and mail-ins.

Analyze all the active users of your Notes databases
View contributing users (those who create / update content) vs those who are only viewing content.

Field audit trails
Determine who made what changes to individual field values in each document.

Discover what sort of document content is most popular, or "hottest"
You can see the percentage usage of each document in your database.

Determine which documents have low usage rates and thus are good candidates to be archived or purged.

Mail Tracking
NotesTracker can be applied to any sort of database, but one popular application is the tracking of activities occurring in users' Notes Mail databases – typically for compliance, data secrecy or privacy reasons (e.g., when a user's mail is delegated to any other person).

When and where did it happen
Examine the date, time and server for each "hit" if needed, once a database's design has been enhanced by adding NotesTracker to it.

Identify usage patterns and trends
Over a period of hours, days, weeks, months or years, in easily-understood categorized Notes views. Equally valid for Web-based Domino applications or Notes Client access.

Determine detailed user navigation patterns
How and when each user shifts from document to document, and database to database.

Application performance effects
Are specific document actions (such as updates) contributing most to Domino server loading?

Track "special" documents
You can designate some documents as being particularly interesting and/or important for some reason.

Activity Alerts
Get notified via e-mail as soon as documents are updated, deleted, and so on (even when certain fields that you select are updated), or as soon as a document that you nominate as "special" is used.

Track "generic" events
You can track events such as button clicks and otherwise untrackable application actions with minimal application design changes.

Who should use NotesTracker?
NotesTracker can benefit virtually anyone in your organization who has an interest in some sort of user activity tracking and reporting of Lotus Notes and Domino applications.

Examples include:
  • Executive sponsors who are keen to ensure their organization's Notes applications are being used effectively.
  • IT management who are concerned with the best deployment and efficient operation of the applications.
  • Security consultants or auditors who need to carry out in-depth investigations of database activity. Detect and prove eavesdropping, data tampering or outright deletion.
  • Notes/Domino developers and administrators, seeking technical database usage information otherwise hard or impossible to obtain (such as view usage).
  • Compliance analysts who need to know when and how a particular database's content was generated, viewed, modified and deleted ... forensics at both a broad and a very detailed level.
  • Help Desk staff, who can use NotesTracker reports to determine where users are having any difficulties with your applications (such as when a particular document was deleted, and by whom).

Documentation / User Guides
Click here to access the NotesTracker documentation / user guides.