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CAPTURE - Customer And Project Tracking with Usage Reporting Extensions
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Product Information
CAPTURE is a simple yet adaptable CRM application (CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management).

Use CAPTURE to track activity between you and your customers, and the resources allocated to the customers. The term "customers" include those people and/or organisations who have already purchased your products or services, prospects who might purchase them, and also your suppliers and business partners who provide you with products or services or who market and support them.

You can track many different kinds of activity between you and a customer:
  • Action Items (including the assignment of tasks and the controlling of their timely resolution)
  • Phone Call Reports (whether initiated by you or by the customer)
  • Sales Call Reports (when you actually meet with the customer)
  • Miscellaneous Activities (anything not covered by the above three items)

The CAPTURE user guide can be found on the 'Help - Using' page of the application.

Screen Image taken from Application
This screen image was taken from the downloadable application and shows the main screen:

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