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Published 17-Jun-2017
Last Updated: 30-Dec-2018

 General Information

Using NGINX (a free open-source high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy) you can provide HTTP/2 connectivity to your Domino-based website enabling web pages to load much faster. This technical guide provides you with all the steps to install and configure NGINX to work with your Domino server.


About HTTP/2
HTTP/2 improves speed mainly by creating one constant connection between the browser and the server, as opposed to a connection every time a piece of information is needed. This significantly reduces the amount of data being transferred. Plus, it transfers data in binary, a computer's native language, rather than in text.

Other features of HTTP/2 include "multiplexing" (sending and receiving multiple messages at the same time), the use of prioritization (more important data is transferred first), compression (squeezing information into smaller chunks) and "server push," where a server makes an educated guess about what your next request will be and sends that data ahead of time.

NGINX is a free open-source high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy, a mail proxy server, and a generic TCP/UDP proxy server. It’s known for its high performance, stability, rich feature set, simple configuration, and low resource consumption.

Many web servers and application servers use a simple threaded or process-based architecture however NGINX stands out with a sophisticated event-driven architecture that enables it to scale to hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections on modern hardware.

Once you've got NGINX setup it can receive all incoming connections and redirect them to the appropriate Domino server / website.

Technical Guide
The following attached PDF file contains all the steps in detail to install and configure NGINX, setup SSL, and connect it with your Domino server.

Enabling HTTP2 on Lotus Domino.pdfEnabling HTTP2 on Lotus Domino.pdf

Sample Resources
The guide refers to the following sample resources. You should download these in conjunction with the guide.

Sample-nginx.confSample-nginx.conf sample-maintenance.htmlsample-maintenance.html sample-nginx-winsw.xmlsample-nginx-winsw.xml

Additional Reading
Listed below are links to other sites which provide some additional information regarding using NGINX with Domino.

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