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Agent Monitor for Domino
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Product Information
Please see an Important Announcement from AGECOM regarding the discontinuation of the products produced by AGECOM after November 27th 2020.

Please note: Domino version 10.x (64-bit) is currently not supported due to known incompatibility issues with LotusScript calls to the Notes C-API which can cause the server to crash. The issue may have been fixed in Domino 11.x or later so we recommend using the most recent version instead. A case has been raised with HCL regarding the issue so please contact HCL for any further assistance. The application can be run in the Notes client though without any issue.

The Agent Monitor utility for Domino provides you with a centralised monitoring and management tool of all agents on all your Domino servers. It scans and monitors all agents in the databases you specify on nominated servers and builds up reports of the agents that were found - this also includes private agents which are normally hidden. You can easily view agent schedules, who created / signed agents and what the agents are doing. You can also change agent schedules, disable agents, remove agents. and more.

Features include:
  • View the complete list of agents in all databases on your servers.
  • See how many scheduled agents you have and their schedule.
  • View agent log and run information.
  • Easily check which agents failed on their last run or missed their expected schedule.
  • Change agent schedules (times, frequency, days of week) and enable/disable agents.
  • Agent run times - how long agents are taking to run.
  • Change agent flags and design options.
  • Agent security - Hide or make agents visible only to specified people/groups.
  • Delete agents.
  • Re-sign agents.
  • View mailfile only agents.
  • View hidden agents.
  • View agents by signer / owner.
  • Report on orphaned agent data notes in databases.
  • Cleanup orphaned agent data notes in databases.
  • Check for databases with background / scheduled agents disabled in database properties.

All of this can be done from the Notes client without the need for the Notes Designer client. A must for every Domino server administrator!

Reporting views include:
  • Agents which experienced an error when they last ran.
  • Scheduled agents which failed to run at their last expected schedule time.
  • Agents in order of the time they took to run.

Be notified of agents which have not run successfully:
  • Automatic notifications of agents which failed on their last run can be sent to nominated addresses.
  • Automatic notifications of agents which missed their last expected scheduled run time can be sent to nominated addresses.

IBM, Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusScript are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.