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Agent Monitor for Domino
(Release 4.02)
06-Sep-2020Agent Monitor for Domino enables you to manage all agents in all databases on your servers from your Notes client. You can view shared / hidden agents, change agent schedules, view agent logs, enable / disable agents, detect and cleanup orphaned agent data notes, change agent flags, delete agents, all from the Notes client without the need for the Notes Designer. Reports in the application show you agent schedules, times / frequency of agents, failed agents, agents which missed schedules, run times, and more. A must for every Domino server administrator!Utilities
CAPTURE - Customer And Project Tracking with Usage Reporting Extensions
(Release 3.06)
16-Feb-2018CAPTURE is an application enabling you to track activity with your customers and the resources allocated to the customers.Utilities
Contacts Synchronization Utility for Lotus Notes / Domino
(Release 4.21)
04-Dec-2016Maintain synchronization of personal contacts between your address book and mailfile. Easy to use and much better than the standard Lotus synchronization agent. Contacts rollback feature available. Synchronization of contacts for roaming users is also supported.Utilities
Export Utility for Notes
(Release 6.81)
28-Jan-2021Export Utility for Notes / Domino exports Notes documents, attachments, and views to CSV, HTML, PDF, MS-Excel, MS-Access, MS-Word, Connections, Fixed Width, XML and other character delimited file formats.Utilities
Import Utility for Notes
(Release 4.03)
06-Sep-2020Import Utility for Notes imports data directly from Comma Delimited (CSV), Excel, Access, Outlook, XML, Oracle, SQL, dBase, Fixed Width, Tab Delimited, Notes Structured Text, Filesystem files (as attachments) and other character delimited files.Utilities
Mailing Script Library for HCL Notes / Domino
(Release 3.82)
05-May-2019Send emails from your LotusScript® agents and easily set / control all fields, including the 'From' field. Handles all necessary address book lookups / address resolution and required mail router configuration values. Perfect for use with agents that send automated email messages.Utilities
(Release 6.07)
16-Feb-2018NotesTracker is a unique software development kit that enables you to set up comprehensive usage activity reporting for your IBM Lotus Notes/Domino applications. Closely track the activity of any of your Notes / Domino applications, such as Notes Mail, Marketing, Human Resources, Manufacturing databases, or your Domino Directory.Applications
NotesUser Activity Class
(Release 2.30)
19-Jul-2019Provides access to the user activity summary information in databases as well as access control lists and ACL update history.Utilities
SDMS - Simple Document Management System
(Release 5.06)
16-Feb-2018Simple document management application providing document storage in a familiar, simple hierarchy. You can control publishing and viewing if documents as well as gather & analyze comprehensive document usage metrics. SDMS documents can be viewed in various useful ways. Also supports storage of attachments and Document Links.Utilities
Simple Signer
(Release 2.01)
12-Feb-2017Easily Sign All Design Elements in a Lotus Notes DatabaseUtilities
View Applet Print Utility for Lotus Notes / Domino
(Release 2.06)
23-Aug-2020Overcomes the printing limitations of IBM® Lotus Domino® view applets by presenting the full view in a printer friendly window complete with formatting. Click the Print icon at the top of this view for an immediate demonstration.Utilities