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NotesUser Activity Class

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Product Information
This NotesUserActivity Class is a customizable LotusScript library that returns database user activity summary information. The usage statistics for the prior day, week, and month since user activity recording began is provided. The number of documents a user or server has read, added, updated or deleted during each session, with the most recent activity first, is returned.

This class returns information that is available from the Notes user interface via the File/Database/Properties menu item, Information tab, Activity section, User Detail button selection. User activity for the specified database must be enabled for this function to work.

The sample application containing the NotesUserActivity class is freely available with full source code. You can use it to immediately retrieve user activity for all / selected databases on a server. You can also customize the sample application or copy the NotesUserActivity class file into your own application. Retrieved activity logs can be printed out.

A Reference guide is included with the downloaded file and contains detailed information on how the NotesUserActivity class works, Lotus C-API calls used, sample code, and how to install & use the sample application.

Screen Image taken from Sample Application
This screen image was taken from the downloadable sample application and shows the information generated using the NotesUserActivity class:

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