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Migration of data from Notes / Domino databases

AGECOM provides the service of exporting data from any Notes / Domino database into the file formats listed below. No matter what type of database, the number of documents in the database, or the size of the database we can export it for you.

We've assisted organisations globally migrate their data from Notes / Domino databases for over 20 years. With our expertise and specialised tools we can provide the highest fidelity in the exported results. You can then keep the exported content for archiving purposes or to import into another system you're migrating to. All types of document content can be exported - all fields (including Rich Text fields), inline images, file attachments, OLE objects (converted to files), and document meta-data (ie. creation date, modified date, size, universal id, authors, etc).

The type and format of the exported content provided depends on the target file format. Please review the following table to see what features are available for each target export type and which format will best match your requirements:

Export FormatExport individual fieldsExport snapshot of documentExport inline imagesExport attachmentsAttachments embedded in export file
Comma delimited (CSV)

Exported as separate files
Fixed Width

Exported as separate files

Exported as separate image files but links in HTML files are retained and displayed as inline images.

Exported as separate files but links in HTML files are retained to files.
Microsoft Access

Exported as separate files or can be embedded with each record in the Access database.
Microsoft Excel

Exported as separate files
Microsoft Word

Images are embedded in Word document

Exported as separate files

Images are embedded in the PDF file

Exported as separate files or can be embedded inside each PDF file
Tab Delimited

Exported as separate files

Exported as separate files
Other character delimited formats

Exported as separate files

If you'd like more information about this service or to obtain a quotation for migrating your databases please contact us. In your enquiry please provide the following information: Number of databases to be exported, average number of documents in each database, type of database (ie. custom designed or based on a standard Notes template) and average physical size of each database.