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Mailing Script Library for Lotus Notes / Domino
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Product Information
This application contains a script library which can be easily added to any application to give you much more control over the format of your outgoing IBM Lotus Notes® / Domino® mail messages. It's ideal for auto-responding agents or mail-in databases where you want to control the Sender's (From) address.

The Mailscript utility includes the following features:
  • Allows you to control the value of the 'From' field. You can set the value of the 'From' field to any value you like so the return address can be customised for each agent / script that sends emails.
  • All necessary address book lookups, email address resolution, and group expansions are handled.
  • All fields and formatting required by the Domino mail router are automatically handled.
  • Fully working sample email application is included with the utility.
  • Conversion of messages (rich text items) to MIME format is handled for Internet recipients.
  • Full source code (with documentation and developer comments) is available so you can make customizations as required.
  • Virtualized (hosted) environments are supported for name lookups & address resolution.

How does it work?
This is achieved by creating messages directly into the Domino server database just as you would create a document in any other database.  Our script library handles all the necessary access to the server/, formatting of the mail message & mandatory fields required by the Domino router, lookups to address books, conversion of addresses and even handles group names. All you need to do is tell the script who to send it to (SendTo, CopyTo & Blind CopyTo), add your subject and add content to the Body field using the standard Lotus Notes RichTextItem class methods.

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