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AGE Computer Consultancy Pty Ltd (AGECOM) is based in Australia and has been providing specialised services to the Notes / Domino community globally since 1995.

In the past we developed commercial Notes / Domino applications that are still used today by all sorts of organisations in more than 60 countries around the world including some of the world's largest companies.

Today AGECOM provides the services of assisting organisations with migrations of data out of Notes / Domino databases as well as assisting with the importing of data into databases.

Migrating data from Notes / Domino databases
We can assist with migrating data out of any Notes / Domino database to the following formats: Comma Delimited (CSV), Fixed Width, HTML, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, PDF, Tab Delimited, XML and other character delimited formats.

Simply provide us with your database, we'll do the migration, and then provide you with all documents exported to the requested format. More...
Importing data into Notes / Domino databases
We can assist with importing data from any of the following formats into a Notes database: Comma Delimited (CSV), Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Notes StructuredText, XML, dBase, and other character delimited files.

We can create a database for you to view and update the imported content or you can provide your own database. All records can be imported as new documents or existing documents can be updated with the imported data.

Simply provide us with the file containing the data to be imported and we'll do the work for you. More...