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AGE Computer Consultancy Pty Ltd (AGECOM) is based in Australia and has been providing specialised services to the Lotus Notes / Domino community globally since 1995. Today AGECOM develops applications and utilities that extend the functionality of Lotus Notes / Domino. Our products are used in more than 60 countries by all sorts of companies including some of the world's largest organizations.

Agent Monitor for Lotus Domino
Centrally manage, monitor & report on all agents in all databases on your Domino servers (including shared, private, and scheduled). See when agents are scheduled & by who, view agent logs, how long your agents are taking to run, missed schedules & agents with errors, change agent settings, enable / disable agents and more. This can all be done from your Lotus Notes Client without the need for the Lotus Domino Designer client. A must for all Domino administrators. More...
NotesTracker for Lotus Notes / Domino
Provides complete usage tracking of Lotus Notes database activity for compliance and effectiveness monitoring requirements. Works across databases on Domino servers (for both Notes Client and Web users) as well as databases accessed locally on Lotus Notes clients. More...
Contacts Synchronization for Lotus Notes
Synchronizes contacts located in your Lotus Notes personal address book with the contacts located in your Domino server based mailfile. Automatic synchronization and full logging available. Contacts rollback feature available. More...
Notes User Activity Reporting
Retrieves user activity for databases on your Domino server. Fully working application with source code (LotusScript with Lotus C-API calls), sample agents, and developer comments. More...
Export Utility for Lotus Notes
Export your Lotus Notes documents and view data to many different file formats including: Comma Delimited (CSV), Fixed Width, HTML, IBM Connections, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, PDF, Tab Delimited, XML and more.
Import Utility for Lotus Notes
Import data directly from the following formats in your Lotus Notes databases: Comma Delimited (CSV), MS-Access, MS-Excel, MS-Outlook, File attachments, Notes StructuredText, and other character delimited files.
Mailscript Script Library
Script library which can be incorporated into your applications and agents that send out email notifications. This script library gives you full control over the value of the 'From' field in your messages enabling you to set it to whatever value you like and handles message formatting & name / address resolution. More...
View Applet Print Utility
Creates printer friendly representations of database views which have been displayed as view applets in web browsers. All view formatting features such as fonts, colors, categorization, etc are maintained. More...