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Product Information
This utility enables you to quickly and easily sign the design elements of a selected database. Signing an application is a way of vouching its integrity and ensuring the functionality and agents within it have the rights to execute.

Product features include:
  • Databases can be signed using the current user id or a specified alternative user id.
  • Databases located on Domino servers can be signed using the server id via the automatic creation of an Administration Process request.
  • History of which databases have been signed and by which id is recorded.
  • Full help documentation.
  • Full error logging. Error logs can be easily sent to our customer support team automatically at the click of a button.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • A full update history is available in the Help - About document of the application.

Simply select the database to be signed and specify the Notes ID to be used for signing!

Screen Image taken from Application
This screen image was taken from the downloadable application and shows the main screen:

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